Governor Paterson Says He's Still Deciding

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Governor David Paterson continues to keep his cards close to his vest saying he's not made up his mind yet when it comes to selecting Senator Hillary Clinton's replacement.

During the inaugural activities in Washington, Paterson told CBS's Katie Couric that he'll pick someone in the next couple days, but wouldn't say where Caroline Kennedy stands.

PATERSON: So I'm weighing her ability and her acumen and what she may be able to do for New York more than that and also in comparison with some rather stiff competition in New York.

REPORTER: Paterson says Kennedy's uncle, Senator Ted Kennedy, never asked the governor to appoint her.

Meanwhile, one U.S. Senator may delay Clinton's confirmation as secretary of state later today.

According to the Associated Press, Republican Senator John Cornyn of Texas has reportedly said he'll block a move to confirm Clinton. But apparently Senators can select Clinton by a roll call vote Wednesday.