New Law Requires Full Disclosure on Police Shootings of Civilians

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Under the new law the Council and public will get an annual NYPD synopsis that will provide the who, when, where and why for all police shootings.

Chris Dunn with the New York Civil Liberities Union says his group pushed hard for the legislation after it was unable to get key details from the NYPD.

DUNN: Starting with the Sean Bell shooting in 2006 we have been pushing very hard to get the department to release information about police shootings in general and about the race of shooting victims in particular.

REPORTER: An NYPD spokesman says the Department supported the measure and has already upgraded its internal reporting process. The NYPD says it has the lowest ratio of fatal police shootings of any major US City and that such shootings are at an historic low here in New York.

Last year the police shot and killed 13 civilians. Back in 1973 there were 54 civilians killed by NYPD gun fire.

For WNYC, I am Bob Hennelly.