Deadlines Near for Area Power Plants

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Hundreds of positions remain to be filled in the Obama administration. As WNYC's Ilya Marritz reports, area environmentalists are watching one opening closely.

REPORTER: If he wants a say in the future of Oyster Creek nuclear power station, President Obama will have to act fast.

A federal commission is expected to decide by April whether the reactor on the Jersey Shore can keep running until 2029. Obama has the power to name the chair and one new member to the five-person Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Environmental attorney Richard Webster has argued against re-licensing Oyster Creek.

WEBSTER: We have advocated for the vacant position to be filled by a commissioner who is favorable to citizen's interests and really looks at the scientific data.

REPORTER: In addition to Oyster Creek, the Indian Point nuclear power station north of the city is also being considered for re-licensing. For WNYC, I'm Ilya Marritz.