NYPD: Cell Phone Robberies on the Rise

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Stand clear of the closing doors--especially if you have a fancy new cell phone. The NYPD reports that thefts of expensive cell phones have increased sharply over the past three months. Assistant Chief James Hall says passengers who are holding their electronic gadgets out in the open, while standing next to a door, make an easy target.

HALL: The bad guy waits until the train pulls into the station and that's the person that they mark. When that door open up, the snatch or grab is made of the phone right onto the platform.

NYPD statistics show that robberies went up by more than 50 percent in December, compared to the previous year. Hall said, however, that on New Year's Eve, officers arrested two men who were responsible for a string of 13 robberies, most of which took place on the G line late at night.