Daycare Owners Charged with Stealing Funds

Five Brooklyn daycare owners are being charged with stealing close to $60,000 in government funds. The owners allegedly faked invoices for things such as computers, cribs, and art supplies, then billed the state for their purchases.

REPORTER: The charges stem from a July audit conducted by State Comptroller Thomas Dinapoli, who forwarded the suspicious activity on to prosecutors:

DI NAPOLI: When money is to be used for childcare purposes and if you are going to divert that to pay your Saks bill or your cell phone bill, we're going to find you out and you're going to be prosecuted and it should be a strong message for others tempted to abuse the system.

REPORTER: At least one daycare owner was also charged with illegally collecting medicaid benefits while earning way over the income limits. Brooklyn prosecutors also charged six others with hiding salaries, properties and vehicles in order to collect the benefit.