Delays Continue at the Former Deutsche Bank Building

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Limited decontamination work resumed at the former Deutsche Bank building, a day after contractors accidentally cut a 5-foot section of the standpipe.

A spokesman for the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation, which owns the building, says the section of standpipe was not painted red.

That may have made it hard for workers to notice it was part of the building's fire safety system. But it also raises parallels to the deadly fire at the building in 2007.

Firefighters found it hard to fight the blaze because a different section of the building's standpipe had been removed entirely. Since then, contractors were supposed to paint the entire standpipe red.

The spokesman, Mike Murphy, would not comment on what penalties contractors might face until the investigation is complete.

He said that other precautions put into place, such as an air pressure alarm attached to the standpipe, worked this time, which is why the breach was detected.

For WNYC, I'm Matthew Schuerman.