New York's New Senator Wants to Combat Gun Trafficking

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New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand says she's ready to tackle gun violence, after visiting a Brooklyn school where a student died in a shooting last month.

Gillibrand says she wants to work with the parents of the victim to combat gun trafficking.

GILLIBRAND: One of the biggest problems we have in New York where we have strong laws is that some of our neighboring states and states in the south do not have such strong laws and what happens is that all of the illegal guns we have in New York come from somewhere else.

REPORTER: Gillibrand has come under fire from gun control advocates for her position on guns, which have received one hundred percent approval ratings from the NRA.

As a Congresswoman, Gillibrand represented a conservative upstate district.

She continues to emphasize her stance that hunters and any American citizen should have the right to legally acquire guns.

Gillibrand visited Nazereth Regional High School in Brooklyn today at the invitation of its principal, who wanted the newly-appointed Senator to learn about the impact of gun violence on urban areas.