GOP to Paterson: No Millionaire's Tax

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New York Republicans say they don't want Governor Paterson to back down on his opposition to a millionaire's tax.

He's facing increasing pressure from fellow Democrats to tax wealthy New Yorkers to help close the state's budget gap.

Brooklyn Republican State Senator Martin Golden says affluent families are critical to the state's economy and they may not stick around if they're substantially taxed.

GOLDEN: If you're a mobile individual that you can get up and you can say goodbye - you're gone. You're going to leave the state of New York. And we can't afford to lose hardworking, taxpaying families.

REPORTER: Republicans released a report yesterday that says the new taxes and fees in the governor's budget plan will cost the average New York family an additional $3,300 a year. They cover everything from alcohol and tobacco, to cable TV and music downloads.

Paterson says he'll only consider a tax on wealthy New Yorkers if lawmakers commit to making substantial spending cuts.