Schumer: $21 Billion of Stimulus Package Expected for NYS

Senator Charles Schumer says New York State is getting at least $21 billion from the federal stimulus bill for Medicaid, education and public housing improvements. Other allocations have yet to be tabulated. He says part of money should go to saving some state jobs.

SCHUMER: For state governments to lay off large numbers of people or dramatically raise taxes [they] would have taken money out of the economy at the same time that we at the federal government were putting money into the economy.

REPORTER: But as Governor Paterson faces a $14 billion deficit for next year alone, he continues to say layoffs of more than 500 state workers are possible. He says the federal aid may not be enough to save those jobs.

PATERSON: I cannot say with certainty that the resources from the stimulus package could necessarily prevent anything.

REPORTER: Paterson says the state's deficit has not yet hit bottom. The House and Senate are expected to vote on the stimulus bill today or tomorrow.