Riverkeepers Say Drink Tap Water

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The Hudson River watershed advocates at Riverkeeper want New Yorkers to drink more tap water, and they're pushing a new water bottle to do just that. The group says tap water is better regulated than bottled water and it saves oil because water pipes deliver it straight to your house. Riverkeeper Representative Heartie Look says the stainless steel water bottles have the group's logo and the words "I bottle my own."

LOOK: It looks great, and flaunts the message that you're environmentally and economically sensible.

Look says Riverkeeper encourages people to use water filters if they don't like the way their water tastes. And she says the city's 3-1-1 line can refer callers to information about water testing kits.

LOOK: The water bottles are available on Riverkeeper's website for $20 , or at Whole Foods stores across the city for $15.