Upstate, Not NYC, Getting First Stimulus Funds

Seven upstate counties will be the first to get federal transportation stimulus dollars. WNYC's Andrea Bernstein has more. REPORTER: New York will spend the first $41 million of federal money on bridge and road repairs in Steuben, Onondaga, Oneida, Herkimer, and Albany counties. The projects were chosen because planning agencies in those counties got their requests in first, according to a spokeswoman for Governor Paterson, and not because of any tilt towards upstate. Bids for the projects will be solicited as early as next week. Meantime, Common Cause New York is pressing the Governor's office to abide by a strict set of disclosure requirements for economic stimulus contracts. Under the act, only federal contracts require disclosure. The governor's office says its reviewing the common cause recommendations. For WNYC, I'm Andrea Bernstein.