Toll on East River Bridges Gains Support

A push to put tolls on East River Bridges is gaining momentum. Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver says he'll support the bridge tolls that have been proposed in an MTA rescue plan. But he says those tolls should be $2 not $4-15. Mayor Bloomberg says he's ALSO open to tolling the bridges, and if Albany agrees, it must act fast.

BLOOMBERG: We need to find a ways to fund the MTA and make mass transit a better alternative to driving. that's in everybody's interest and any plans that Albany can come up with that will do that, I think is a step in the right direction.

The MTA faces a budget deficit of over a billion dollars this year, and even bigger deficits in the years to come. The agency says it will raise fares 23 percent and make drastic service cuts if nothing is done by April.