Clash of Charter and Traditional Schools

Some Harlem parents want the city to stop moving charter schools into traditional public school buildings. The Community Education Council for District 5 has drafted a resolution saying charters create a distraction when they have to share space with regular schools. The Council has advisory powers only. Last week, the Department of Education announced it's replacing a low-performing public school with a branch of the Harlem Success Academy's charter schools - angering some parents. But Kyesha Bennett of the group Harlem Parents United says many parents prefer charters, because they have high test scores and structure. Her own son attends a Harlem Success Academy.

BENNETT: The world's not going to wait for our children to catch up. And I think it's so unfair to try to deny children an excellent option that's free for parents in the neighborhood that are looking for that.

Harlem is at the forefront of the charter schools movement, with 24 of the publicly-funded but privately-managed schools having opened there in recent years, leading to local tensions.