Skelos: Republicans Will Oppose MTA Plan

State Senate Minority Leader Dean Skelos says no Republican will vote for the MTA rescue plan. WNYC's Matthew Schuerman has more.

REPORTER: While some New York City Democrats have been expressing concerns about the proposed tolls on the East River Bridges, Skelos says Republicans object to another part of the plan: a tax of one-third of one percent on the payrolls of all employers the New York and its suburbs.

SKELOS: We've heard on so many occasions over the years I just need this little tax we just need that little tax, and we'll be fine forever, and it just hasn't worked.

REPORTER: Republicans are in a minority in the Senate. But the MTA needs to get the votes of at least two members from that party to make up for two Democrats who say they will oppose the plan. Democratic Senate leader Malcolm Smith says he's still thinking it over.

The MTA says it needs the plan passed by March 25 or it will begin to enact service cuts and a significant fare increase. For WNYC, I'm Matthew Schuerman.