The Armory Show Kicks Off - in All 5 Boroughs

The city's biggest contemporary art fair, The Armory Show, kicks off today, with a twist. This year the show is hosting public events in all five boroughs, and artists outside of the mainstream art market are getting into the act.

Chris Vilardi works with artists in Queens who are putting together a show at Paint Can Studios on 34th street in Long Island City.

VILARDI: about 50,000 people will come into NYC just to see the Armory Show, and hopefully we'll get a little slice of that.

REPORTER: One of the artists included in Armory Arts Week is Juvenale Reis, who runs an art studio in Long Island City. He says the event will bring visibility to a thriving artist community.

REIS: and when you come here it's almost like you go from a big crowded city to a farm, because there's not much going on in terms of traffic, but there is a lot going on all the time inside those buildings.

REPORTER: More than 240 galleries will show works at the arts week's events all over the city. Armory Arts Week runs through the weekend.