Parents Upset Over Cuts to Kindegarten Slots

Parents say a plan to eliminate more than 3,000 kindergarten slots at city day cares is turning out to be a disaster. WNYC's Cindy Rodriguez reports.

REPORTER: The Administration for Children's Services decided to cut these slots in order to address a $62 million deficit. The children are supposed to be absorbed by public schools. But parents are complaining schools don't have room for their kids. Janet Lora says five out of six schools she tried to register her son in were full.

LORA: Some of the public school administrator told me that kindergarten is not mandatory for my son, and that he is going to be on the waiting list.

REPORTER: Lora says one school has room for her son but she's not willing to bus him 10 miles away. Her son is currently attending Small World daycare in Brooklyn. The director there says kindergartners make up more than half her enrollment and she will likely have to close down.

ACS says day cares losing slots could consolidate with other centers or recruit private paying parents in order to stay in business. For WNYC, I'm Cindy Rodriguez.