Bloomberg Fortune Intact, Says $$ Not a Factor in Mayoral Race

Other billionaires may have taken a hit during this recession, but not Mayor Bloomberg. According to Forbes Magazine's survey of the world's wealthiest, Bloomberg's fortunes blossomed while others wilted. The magazine's annual list of billionaires ranks Bloomberg number 17 in the world with $16 billion. His net worth climbed 28 percent in the past 12 months because of a revaluation of his financial news and data company, Bloomberg LP. Meanwhile, 355 other billionaires dropped off the list this year, because of big losses.

The mayor doesn't think the $16 billion in his back pocket is resulting in fewer people coming forward to challenge his bid for a third term.

BLOOMBERG: At least two I know or think are running, in the Democratic primary, I'm sure there will be others, other parties.

One Democrat, Congressman Anthony Weiner, has hinted he may opt out of the race, telling supporters yesterday that the financial crisis is a time for problem-solving in Washington. Bloomberg says no one is precluded from running for being too rich, educated, or attractive.