Sen. Gillibrand Gets Behind Paycheck Fairness Act

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand joined with women's activists today to call for passage of the Paycheck Fairness Act. The legislation would protect women who seek to learn the salaries of male co workers, and would increase penalties for employers who don't provide equal pay.

REPORTER: According to Gillibrand the wage gap means that working women lose 250 thousand dollars over the course of their career.

GILLIBRAND: It's such a travesty for our family, because when our families don't have access to that income that's deserved, it literally translates to quality of child care, quality of health care, quality of education.

REPORTER: The Senate bill was sponsored by Hillary Clinton, before she became Secretary of State. The bill has been passed in the House. It's now in committee and Gillibrand thinks it would pass if brought to a full Senate vote.