Late But Not Lost, New South Ferry Subway Station Opens

Today, a familiar cry at the southern end of the Number 1 subway line will cease at last.

A new, longer South Ferry station means that conductors no longer have to tell passengers to move to the first five cars to get out. Federal September 11 aid is paying for most of the cost of the $530 million station, which includes a platform where all of the 10 cars of a typical subway train can fit.

It was supposed to open in January, and the MTA even gave the media a preview late last year. But at the last minute, workers discovered that the gap between the new platform and the train cars was up to four inches wide, which was greater than federal law allows. The authority had to install wider rubbing boards to narrow that gap to three inches or less, adding about $150,000 to the total bill.

The station, the first new subway station in the city to open in 20 years, opens to riders at noon.