Business Group Says Mayoral Control Helps Graduates

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The president of the pro-business Partnership for New York City says mayoral control has improved the public schools. Kathryn Wylde testified at the city's final state assembly education committee hearing on the matter today. She says employers now have more faith in city graduates. Wylde also acknowledged that parents are frustrated and want more of a role in the school system, but she says that can be done without changing the law.

WYLDE: I think we should try to fix what we have rather than take the chance of setting ourselves back in the midst of an economic crisis and state fiscal crisis that's requiring the bulk of our attention and energy.

A group called the Parent Commission disagreed, though, and said the law should be changed so the mayor can't have ultimate power over school policies. Legislators have until the end of June to decide whether to renew the law that gave the mayor control over schools.

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