Comptroller Supports Mayoral Control of Schools

City Comptroller Bill Thompson says he supports keeping mayoral control of the schools when the law expires in June. But at the last in a series of hearings on the matter by the assembly's education committee, Thompson called for changing the selection process for members of the existing panel for education policy. Thompson -- who's planning to run against Bloomberg this year -- said whoever is mayor would still pick the panel members. But they'd be screened in advance by a 19-member body.

THOMPSON: I think the mayor can accomplish that, I know I would be able to. It is not unwieldy. It is something that can be done in a limited period of time. What it says is you're looking to draw from a wide range of individuals.

Thompson was a member of the old Board of Education, which existed before the state granted control of the school system to Mayor Bloomberg. The mayor has repeatedly attacked Thompson's record. But Thompson says he was part of the effort to change the old system.

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