Gallery Makeovers: Sun K. Kwak and Bedroom Gallerists

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Art galleries big and small are getting makeovers by New York artists.

For the past month, Korean-born artist Sun K. Kwak has been covering the walls of a fifth floor gallery at the Brooklyn Museum with almost three miles of thick black masking tape

She's cut undulating white lines into the tape, making the piece a room-sized mural. The installation is called "Enfolding 280 hours" -- that's the amount of time Kwak thinks it will take her to complete the project, which opens this Friday.

And in an even smaller space, in the Mott Haven neighborhood of the South Bronx, Blanka Amezkua has turned her bedroom into an art gallery.

She invites mixed media artists to do as they please in her small room. One artist plans to bring in birds and nests made out of surgical material. Amezkua says alternative arts spaces offer artists a lot of freedom to work

AMEZKUA: The artists really feel like they can do so much more in the space that’s not as controlled as more established venues.

There are photos of the Bronx Bedroom gallery and a video of Sun K. Kwak wrapping the gallery at the Brooklyn Museum on our website.