Mayor Bloomberg: Not Warm and Fuzzy but Efficient

Despite budget problems, and his successful, but hard-fought, bid to extend term limits so he can run again, voters still like Mayor Bloomberg. The latest Quinnipiace Universtiy poll shows the mayor with an approval rating of 64 percent. But it also found that 55 percent think Bloomberg is cold, and businesslike. Bloomberg responded by saying these are serious times, and he's got a job to do.

BLOOMBERG: I don't find anything warm and fuzzy about the potential of people losing jobs or losing their homes. I don't find anything warm and fuzzy about city government having to reduce expenses and find alternative revenue sources.

The poll also found that if the mayoral election were held today, Bloomberg still beats Democratic challengers Bill Thompson and Anthony Weiner. However, he's lost a little ground to his opponents, with their showings improving by one or two percentage points.