Questioning the Dollar's Dominance

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner will once again take questions from members of Congress today.

But he took a break from the beltway yesterday, while speaking before an audience at the Council on Foreign Relations on Manhattan's Upper East Side. WNYC's Lisa Chow reports.

REPORTER: It probably had to do with the fact that many in the room were economists and bankers not members of Congress, but for a man who's in charge of saving the US economy, Geithner appeared to be in good spirits, even while taking questions about his toxic assets clean up plan announced earlier this week.

MBITI: John Mbiti from UBS, one of the positive features of the legacy assets program is the competitive bidding process to establish market prices for illiquid...

GEITHNER: did you say one of the many positive?

MBITI: I said one of...

REPORTER: Today, Geithner is back on the Hill in probably more serious form, with members of Congress. For WNYC, I'm Lisa Chow.