NYS Legislature Misses Budget Deadline

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The State budget will not be on time once again this year after delays and mishaps in the State Senate caused lawmakers to adjourn for the night, after approving just one of nine budget bills. Karen DeWitt reports from Albany.

REPORTER: Voting in the State Senate got off to a late start after one senator crucial to the Democrats' slim 32-vote margin had to visit the hospital to be treated for walking pneumonia. Senate finance chair Carl Kruger quoted former governor Hugh Carey when he told members that the days of wine and roses are over.

KRUGER: None of us should be happy with this budget. None of us should feel that the cuts were done as cuts should have been done. But they had to be done.

REPORTER: Senate minority leader Dean Skelos said his 30 GOP member would question every aspect of a budget that they intend to vote against.

SKELOS: You mention the day of wine and roses is over, that's because you're going to tax wine. You're going to tax beer. And we should take a sip of water because you're going to be taxing water before this session is over.

REPORTER: Senators are likely to return Wednesday to finish voting. In Albany, I'm Karen Dewitt.