New Yorkers Frolic As Spring Arrives

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On this gorgeous spring day, students from the Waldorf School in Brooklyn are using today's good weather to stretch their legs and shed their winter gear. Six-year-old kindergartener Zisi Blades drew an airplane in the dirt in Fort Greene Park. He says he was saving his energy for after school, to join classmates for what they call the "scooter Olympics."

ZISI: Me and my friend Noah were going to go all the way to the monument and go scootering this whole park.

Blades says he wants to stay until nine p.m, but his teacher says it will be more like six.

Meanwhile, the basketball court known as "The Cage" at West Third street and Sixth Avenue was crowded with new faces and the old guard. Forty-seven-year-old Robert Garrett has been playing on these courts for 20 years, and today was his first day of the season. He says he showed up at work early so he could take a long lunch break.

GARRET: You can't miss coming out and playing a little basketball, just getting your legs back and seeing who got game and who has to get their game back again.

Garrett says he was planning to freshen up before returning to work, so he wouldn't offend his co-workers.