Still No Budget from Albany

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New York's state senate has yet to pass the budget that was due yesterday, as Republican senators proposed numerous amendments, and one Democratic senator returned to the hospital. But even once it's passed, the state comptroller is doubtful the budget proposal will be enough to pull the state through the current crisis. Karen Dewitt has more from Albany.

REPORTER: Comptroller Tom Dinapoli says his preliminary analysis of the $132 billion budget shows that it does not adequately respond to the state's grim economic realities and relies too much on one time infusions of cash from the Federal stimulus monies and new temporary taxes, including a tax on the wealthy.

Dinapoli: It seems that this budget was really about buying time with the hope that the economy will recover quickly.

REPORTER: Dinapoli says the state is in danger of ending up right back where it started, with huge budget gaps and an unsustainable level of spending.

In Albany, I'm Karen Dewitt