Protesters Condemn Bank Bailout

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More than 200 people marched, chanted and sang their way through the streets of Lower Manhattan this afternoon, protesting the government's bailout of banks. They stopped in front of three of buildings occupied by AIG's buildings and other buildings occupied by banks and demanded that more money be spent on jobs programs. One of the marchers was Alice Sutter, a nurse practitioner in the Bronx.

SUTTER: I understand that the system of banks has a lot of influence over everything else, so a lot of people are worried about them falling. But if we're going to hold them up we need to hold them accountable and we need to be able to stop them from being irresponsible.

Four people were arrested for disorderly conduct after trying to walk down the middle of Broadway.

Another march, culminating in Battery Park, will take place Saturday. It's organized by the groups "Bail out the Banks" and "United for Peace and Justice." The protests mark the 42nd anniversary of Rev. Martin Luther King Junior's "Beyond Vietnam" speech at Riverside Church, and the 41st anniversary of his assassination.