Budget Delay Holds Up Lawmakers Pay

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New York's state budget will be late for yet another day as the State Senate failed to complete the votes needed for the spending plan to become law. The delay is also holding up lawmakers' paychecks. Karen DeWitt reports from Albany.

REPORTER: State legislators agreed to have their own pay docked whenever the budget is late around a decade ago, in exchange for a deal that gave them a pay raise. Part of the delay in the budget has been due to the illness of one Democratic senator who was needed for the 32-vote majority to approve the bill. State Comptroller Tom Dinapoli, who signs the state paychecks, says even in the case of sickness, the pay delay law must be followed.

DINAPOLI: The law doesn't make up for doctors notes or any reason. Budget's not in place, then the pay is held up.

REPORTER: The voting has also been delayed because of lengthy arguments on the senate floor by Republicans who oppose the budget bills. In Albany, I'm Karen DeWitt.