New Leader for Assembly Republicans

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Republicans in the New York Assembly have a new leader. Karen DeWitt has more on the assemblyman from the Finger Lakes region who replaces outgoing Minority Leader James Tedisco.

REPORTER: Assemblyman Brian Kolb, a former businessman from Canandaigua, says he'll work to draw more attention to the ideas and fiscally conservative values of his 41 members, the smallest conference proportionately of all of the state legislature.

KOLB: We will do everything we can to ratchet up the debate. We're going to take our case to the people.

REPORTER: Kolb admits he can't really replace the one of a kind Tedisco, but says he intends to take lessons from Tedisco's attention getting style as well as from other past leaders. The new Assembly Republican Leader predicts that one of his first orders of business will be holding a special election for his predecessors seat. Kolb says he believes Tedisco will eventually be declared the winner in the 20th Congressional district. In Albany, I'm Karen Dewitt.