Family of Injured Man Press Charges Against NYPD

The family of a mentally ill man who was hospitalized after a confrontation with police this weekend say they will press charges against the NYPD.

Gamalier Reyes is schizophrenic. His sister Zully De La Cruz says he refused to take his medicine and his social worker called 911. But, she says, the police used unnecessary force on her brother, who was upset, but not violent

De La Cruz: Because they have a mental illness that doesn't make them a criminal. They're still human.

The family was kept out of the apartment while Reyes was subdued. According to a police statement, Reyes was acting violently, and attempted to punch an officer in the face. The NYPD also says Reyes had pre-existing facial injuries from a recent fight. He is currently admitted to a local psychiatric ward.