New Yorkers Welcome Warm Weather

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The promenade of the Brooklyn Bridge is filled with people soaking up the sun and the sky-line. Brooklyn's Pat Grave says shedding the heavy coat is better than taking St. John's Wart.

GRAVE: When the spring is here, you know your mood elevates, you're not as depressed as you was, nothing bothers you as it would if the train was crowded or anything like that, you're much more happier. I'm going to do some gardening when I get home.

REPORTER: And Manhattan's Scott Lehman says it feels like it's been a long wait.

LEHMAN: I'm glad its finally here. It took a long time but the sun's out today. Its a beautiful day when the sun is out, everyone puts a smile on their face.

REPORTER: Sunny skies are also in the forecast for today and tomorrow.