East Harlem Tenants Protest Against Eviction Notice

El Barrio is "not for sale." So chanted protesters who gathered to resist a landlord's attempt to evict tenants in East Harlem. The eviction is set to take place by May 31st.

Housing advocate Juan Haro says this is the latest example of another building in the neighborhood getting cleared out to make room for people who will pay higher rent.

HARO: The problem that these tenants are facing in East Harlem is widespread. It's happening throughout New York City. The tenants understand that as low-income people, they are at risk of facing the same problem in another low-income neighborhood in New York City. So they've decided that it's time to stand up. It's time to stand up and fight for their rights.

REPORTER: The landlord, a company called 116th Street Realty, sent the tenants a letter two weeks ago saying major repairs were needed in the building and the city would not allow tenants to remain during renovation. Neither the landlord nor the city were available for comment.