Paterson Gives Senate Time on Gay Marriage

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Governor Paterson is softening his push for a same sex marriage bill. As Karen DeWitt reports he's now willing to wait until the Senate leadership is ready to bring the bill to the floor.

REPORTER: Paterson said around a week ago that he wanted the Senate to debate and vote on the measure to legalize same sex marriage even though there were not enough votes for the measure to pass. Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith had said he wanted to wait until there were enough support to guaranty that the bill would be approved. The governor now says he'll respect Smith's wishes.

PATERSON: My point was not to dictate to Senator Smith what he should be doing, I've got enough problems. My point was just to raise an issue which I think just has frustrated me in my days as a legislator.

REPORTER: Meanwhile the Senate sponsor of the gay marriage legislation, Tom Duane, introduced the bill with 19 sponsors- all Democrats. In Albany, I'm Karen DeWitt.