After Missile Testing, Iran Heads to Negotiations

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Launched missiles and secret nuclear facilities: Iran's had a busy few days. Now, they are headed into a week of negotiations with world leaders to explain themselves. Most notably, they are going before the U.N. Security Council on Thursday. We talk with Gary Sick, senior reseach scholar at Columbia University; and Baqer Moin, former head of the Persian service for our partners, the BBC. Sick takes a look at what world leaders want to see from Iran, while Moin considers the situation from the Iranian people's point of view.

"People have said for years that the U.S. played checkers, and Iran plays chess. Maybe even three-dimensional chess. The question has always been: Are we really up to this game? Can we play in that kind of a league where we've got a very clever adversary who is clearly holding some cards and who is willing to play them very adroitly...I personally think we can do this."
—Gary Sick, senior research scholar at Columbia University, on U.S. negotiations with Iran