Kick Off for Kosher Tequila

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It's Cinco de Mayo -- a celebration of Mexican independence and culture and a day to introduce what its creators claim is the world's first kosher Tequila. Star Industries President Marty Silver says the new product isn't just for Cinco de Mayo in Boro Park:

SILVER: When people see kosher, it doesn’t matter what heritage you’re from. The rabbis have made sure everything in the factory is up to their specifications, so we are trying to create a demand.

Silver says there's nothing really un-kosher about tequila, anyway, as long as it doesn't have worms in it. It's made from agave cactus. But Silver says consumers want to know his company's plant in Mexico has been inspected by a kosher certifying agency.

There actually are several other brands of kosher tequila -- they just weren't launched today in a midtown restaurant, with mariachi players, dancing girls and pastrami burritos