Senate Reaches Tentative Agreement on MTA Rescue

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The leader of the Democratic majority in the New York State Senate emerged from a closed-door meeting last night to announce progress on the stalled MTA rescue plan. Karen Dewitt has more from Albany.

REPORTER: Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith says the two Long Island Senators who had reservations about the bail-out package have now agreed with a tentative plan. It would protect school districts from the effects of an additional payroll tax and prevent most of the fare increases and proposed service reductions.

SMITH: This bill is going to make sure that service cuts are maintained, that jobs are not lost. But they're going to change the paradigm by which they model the MTA.

REPORTER: The Senators, Craig Johnson and Brian Foley, say they are comfortable with the agreement, and will spend the next day or so working out the details for a vote later in the week. In Albany, I'm Karen DeWitt.