MTA Head Says Agency is Transparent, Accountable

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The CEO of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Lee Sander is defending his agency against the attacks state senators have made against the MTA during the debate over a bailout package. Speaking on WNYC's Brian Lehrer Show, he said State Senators failed to understand just how transparent and accountable the MTA already is.

SANDER: The reality is they are also new in terms of understanding what the history is and what the context is and these simplifications don't hold when you take into account where we were and where we are.

Governor Paterson and leaders from the state assembly and senate came to an agreement on a rescue package last night. The legislation will include a number of accountability measures, such as requiring the state comptroller to audit the MTA upon request.

The legislature is expected to vote today on the plan. It holds fare and toll increases to an average 10 percent and cancels the drastic service cuts that were planned to take effect next month.