Albany Lawmakers Say Legislature is Not Ready to Pass Gay Marriage Bill

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With Maine and New Hampshire the latest states to pass same-sex marriage legislation - many here are wondering why it's taking so long for New York to move forward with its gay marriage bill. Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith says New York will eventually catch up to the others, but thinks it wise to wait for now.

SMITH: I want to move our bill but I don't want to do anything symbolic. For us to pass it and put a bill on the floor and not pass it would set things back in terms of momentum in the direction it is headed and so I want to wait until we have the two or three votes that we need. I think we will get there.

The Marriage Equality Bill is expected to pass the Assembly, but its fate is uncertain in the Senate where Democrats have a slim majority of two and one Democrat - Rubin Diaz of the Bronx - is a highly vocal opponent of the legislation.