Paterson Calls for Resignation of Public Intergrity Commission

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Governor Paterson is calling for the resignation of all 13 members of the state's Public Integrity Commission, following a blistering report from the state Inspector General that says the commission's executive director broke state law during the investigation into the Spitzer Administration's Troopergate scandal. The report says executive director Herbert Teitelbaum leaked information about the probe to a Spitzer aide. It also says the Public Integrity Commission did not investigate the leaks. Governor Paterson:

PATERSON: for a commission of 13 members not even to discuss an allegation brought to them with a clear witness that this was going on, it's a little alarming.

Paterson also wants Teitelbaum to go, but the panel's members will have to make that decision.

The Governor appoints seven members, meaning if they resign and he names their replacements, a majority of commissioners would be appointed by Paterson when it considers the governor's handling of Caroline Kennedy's nomination to the US Senate.