Biking Rules, and Has Rules, Too

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Today is National Bike to Work Day. A leading advocacy group is doing something that shows just how far bicyclists have come. WNYC's Matthew Schuerman reports.

REPORTER: The group Transportation Alternatives is expecting to hand out thousands of copies of a new handbook called "Biking Rules" to cyclists coming off of the East River bridges into Manhattan. The handbook is part of a larger campaign to reinforce the rules of the road, and convince riders to give more respect to pedestrians: Don't block the crosswalk while waiting at a light, for example. It's a big change from the days when T.A. members used to harass drivers with fake police summonses. The group's communications director, Wiley Norvell:

NORVELL: We need bicyclists' behaviour to really come up to par and start interacting as full-blown parts of the transportation system.

REPORTER: In the past few years, the city has doubled the number of bike lanes. But Norvell says, unless bicyclists improve their image, it'll be harder to get more. For WNYC, I'm Matthew Schuerman.

Transportation Alternatives has also set up a web site with information about its campaign.