Commissioner: Civilian Layoffs Mean Fewer Cops on the Street

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly has told the City Council that the layoff of hundreds of civilian NYPD employees in the mayor's budget plan, would change how he deploys officers.

Mayor Bloomberg has said his proposed budget for fiscal year 2010 will not lead to layoffs of police officers. But Kelly says eliminating close to 400 administrative workers will mean fewer cops on the beat.

KELLY: It is going to take officers off patrol. How many I can't say. As I said, we are going to try and minimize it by using people on restricted duty, but ultimately some uniformed officers will have to do clerical assignments.

The spending plan would shrink the NYPD to just over 34,000 officers by next year. That's well below the 41,000 officers it had in 2001 and predates the commitment to put one thousand officers on counter-terrorism duties. Council members vowed to try and restore some of the police funding by next month.