State Senate Considers Reduces Mayor's Power Over Schools

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State Senate leaders say they're seriously considering putting more checks on the mayor's power over the city schools. At a Senate Education Committee hearing in the Bronx today, parents from a group called the Campaign for Better Schools asked lawmakers to consider a bill that would weaken the mayor's control over a policy-making panel. They also want more parental input. Mamaroneck Democrat Suzi Oppenheimer, who chairs the Senate's Education Committee, said Senate and Assembly leaders are considering such changes.

OPPENHEIMER: We are seriously looking at much, much more public participation, much more transparency, much more checks and balances.

REPORTER: The Assembly Speaker and the Senate Majority leader are both on record saying the mayor should control the panel on education policy but there are other proposals to have the panel appoint the chancellor, or to have an outside agency monitor the education department. Lawmakers have until the end of June to make any changes to mayoral control.