Yankees Join Bloomberg for Metro North Opening

Yankee's pitcher David Cone and catcher Jorge Posado joined Mayor Bloomberg for today's unveiling of the new Metro North station at Yankee Stadium. The station is a 10 minute ride from Grand Central and provides express service to and from Poughkeepsie and New Haven. The mayor says the Yankees have that over the Mets.

BLOOMBERG: Going out to Citifield the number 7 line does have a lot of stops, you can take basically an express on the Lex, or the ultimate express, one stop to here on Metro North.

MAYOR: The $91 million project was completed in two years and was built over existing railway lines. The city contributed $ 39 million hoping it will boost the local community.

The first train to the new Yankees, East 153rd Street Station leaves Grand Central on Saturday at 5:58 am.