NYC's Second Swine Flu Death - Sanitized Schools to Reopen Tomorrow

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Officials have confirmed the city's second death due to swine flu. A Queens woman in her fifties died over the weekend. A city health spokeswoman says the woman had underlying health conditions.

Dozens of schools have been closed since the outbreak. 20 public schools are due to reopen tomorrow and 17 are scheduled to reopen by Thursday.

Deputy Chancellor Kathleen Grimm says the buildings are all being cleaned over this holiday weekend. She also says school custodians and cleaning staff throughout the city have been told to be extra vigilant in every school.

GRIMM: They should be attentive to their daily cleaning. That they should use anti viral products. They should wash down surfaces. We ask them to pay special attention at this time to surfaces that kids touch a lot - you know, hand rail, door knob, things like that.

REPORTER: Grimm adds that the virus doesn't live for more than a few hours. She says a grievance team will be sent to I-S 238 on Tuesday. The school's assistant principal, Mitchell Wiener, died after contracting the H1N1 or swine flu virus.