Number of Students Meeting State Standards in Math Up Almost 6 Points

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More than 86 percent of elementary and middle school students met the New York State standards for math this year. That's an increase of almost six points from last year.

REPORTER: State education commissioner Richard Mills said the gains were incremental and he suggested a number of reasons:

MILLS: Pre kindergarten is one, continued major state investment is another, and the core curriculum has become very familiar to teachers and that's probably a major contribution.

REPORTER: He said the state would consider whether it was time to make the tests more rigorous... as states across the country consider switching to national standards.

Meanwhile, almost 82 percent of New York city's third through eighth graders met state standards in math. That's a 7 and a half point gain over last year.

Buffalo had the highest gains of the state's big five cities with a rise of 13 points.