Grand Concouse Centennial

The Grand Concourse is celebrating its Centennial, and as part of the festivities, the Design Trust for Public Space has hosted a design competition to rethink the future of the famed boulevard.

More than 400 people from some 25 countries sent in ideas -- including turning the whole roadway into a farm and ripping it up to make a canal.

Deborah Martin is the executive director of the Design Trust. She says it was important to gather as many wild ideas as possible

The point of this competition is to see what the possibilities are for the concourse. Until you can envision the possibilities for a place, you can't make decisions about what you actually want to invest in for design.

Later this summer, a jury will select seven design finalists and the Bronx Museum will put many of the proposals on display. You can learn more about the future of the grand concourse this Tuesday night for a meet up and tour. Details are on the culture page of our web site.