10 Years in the Making, High Line Opens

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It was an improbable idea but the elevated park known as the High Line was inaugurated, ten years after it was first conceived. WNYC's Arun Venugopal has more on the city's new aerial promenade.

REPORTER: The opening of the High Line was a pretty glam affair: here's Diane von Furstenberg, looking elegant; there's Mario Batali, in the shorts.

Celebrities aside, the High Line is a sensational and serene urban park, winding through and above the Meatpacking District and its pricey boutiques. On either side of the brand-new 30-foot high pathways you'll find the original railway tracks, now landscaped with wild grasses and wildflowers.

With billboards for sexy swimwear in arm's reach and views of the Hudson to the west. the High Line is a study in the city's contrasts. When you're not ambling along, you can take off your shoes and step through a layer of running water.

There's also lots of benches, and a small outdoor theater that overlooks 10th avenue. The city wants it known that the park is open to everyone, not just the upscale Meatpacking crowd.

But officials also sound unsure about how to handle the big crowds that might arrive, because most likely, they will. For WNYC, I'm Arun Venugopal.

check out some very pretty pictures of the High Line and today's festivities, on our news blog

Check out our news blog for pictures of the High Line.