Senate Standoff Continues

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The political standoff continues at the State Capitol where New York Senate Republicans, joined by two Democrats say they're now in charge while Senate Democrats, led by Malcolm Smith, say they still control the chamber. Karen DeWitt has the latest from Albany.

REPORTER: Senator Pedro Espada, who was voted president pro tem by 32 senators Monday says he'll reconvene the Senate on Wednesday. Espada was also meeting with other unnamed Democratic senators to ask them to join the coalition he's formed with the 30 Senate Republicans.

ESPADA: The question is, how many will join us? And I think a great number.

REPORTER: Senator Espada tried to meet with the Secretary of the Senate Angelo Aponte to try to ask for his resignation and keys to the locked Senate chamber, which Aponte holds. Aponte, who is still loyal to Senator Smith refused to meet with Espada. The Senate leader says if the chamber remains closed, there's nothing preventing them from meeting in the park or in a hearing room instead. In Albany, I'm Karen Dewitt.