Day 3: Albany Leadership Saga Continues

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With senate leadership in dispute, chaos continued to reign in Albany yesterday. Reporter Karen DeWitt was outside the locked senate chamber when dissident Democrat Senator Pedro Espada spoke.

REPORTER: The 30 Republicans plus two Democrats had announced that they would reconvene at 3 PM. But 3 o'clock came and went and the doors remained locked. There were rumors that one of the two Senate Democrats Hiram Monserrate was balking. Finally shortly after 4, Monserrate appeared with the leaders of the coup, Senators Espada and Skelos. Espada said they'd need one more day before the Senate would reconvene.

ESPADA: The coalition government that made itself clear on Monday is as strong today as it was Monday and is growing stronger by the day and by the minute.

REPORTER: Senator Espada said he planned to continue wooing about 10 Democrats to see if he could convince them to abandon the remaining Democratic conference and join their effort. In Albany I'm Karen DeWitt.

REPORTER: Senate Republicans plus Espada and Monserrate say they will hold a senate session at 11 o'clock this morning. Malcolm Smith is seeking an injunction to prevent that session. Meanwhile Espada says he will continue encouraging other Democrats to cross the aisle.